John J. Pace has extensive experience handling and litigating class action and mass tort lawsuits. A class action is a lawsuit where a large group of people who have suffered similar harm collectively bring a claim to court. A single person who has been injured may bring a class action on behalf of everyone who has been harmed. Usually, once the action has been filed, many other people who have been injured join the class action. There are many different kinds of class actions, such as:

  • Securities class action by disgruntled shareholders
  • Consumer class action
  • Class action against an employer for employment discrimination
  • Class action seeking relief from violations of antitrust law (price-fixing conspiracies and monopolizing markets)
  • Class action alleging civil rights violations
  • Class action based on environmental damage
  • Class action involving mass torts (wrongs affecting many people, such as oil spills and defective drugs and medical devices).

A lawsuit becomes a class action when one or more plaintiffs, often called Lead Plaintiffs, file a lawsuit claiming some kind of harm. The plaintiff(s) can then ask the court to certify the case as a class action. To have the case certified, the Lead Plaintiff and class action attorneys must show that the case meets several criteria:

  • There is a legal claim against the defendant(s).
  • There is a significantly large group of people who have been injured in a similar way and the cases of members of the class involve similar issues of fact and law as the case of the Lead Plaintiff(s). Class certification might be denied, for example, if people have suffered different kinds of side effects from a defective drug. The differences in injury would require different evidence for many class members.
  • The Lead Plaintiff is typical of the class members and has a reasonable plan and the ability to adequately represent the class. The Lead Plaintiff must also have no conflict with other class members. A Lead Plaintiff who seeks money damages for him or herself, but is willing to agree to coupons for all the rest of the class, is probably not adequately representing the class.

John J. Pace has the experience necessary to handle the sophisticated legal matters and procedures involved in this practice area and he will aggressively pursue the maximum compensation provided by law.

BP Settlement Approved

Has your business been affected? Are you owed money? Let us help you evaluate your claim and maximize your recovery. BP has agreed to pay every business which has a legitimate business loss under the terms of a settlement agreement. The settlement is uncapped and unlimited. Simply put, however much money is owed, BP will pay. Our firm has a group of expert consultants, and over 500 accountants with a national firm who can assist in your claims preparation.

Having been involved in this litigation process from the beginning, we have the knowledge, experience, and technology to streamline the preparation and filing of your claim. Contact us today. It cost you nothing. If you don’t recover, you owe nothing.

Are you entitled to compensation?

BP Settlement Information

The settlement is uncapped and unlimited.

The settlement is a complex combination of geographic region(s) combined with an economic calculation based upon what industry the claimant is in. It is favorable to businesses within the Gulf Region. Once a loss is calculated, a multiplier is then added. We have compiled a team of attorneys, consultants, and over 500 accountants to assist in claims calculation, preparation, and filing.

Who is included?

If you own a business located within Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, or the Western Coast or Panhandle of Florida, you are included in the settlement.

If you are entitled to recover is determined by your 2010 revenue figures compared to either 2009 or 2009 & 2008 (average) or 2009, 2008, 2007 (average). This calculation will be performed by a team of seasoned accountants who have been hired to maximize your recovery.

If you are located in zone “A” or “B”, in certain industries, causation will be presumed.

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