When a driver registers .08 or greater in a breath or blood test, fails a field sobriety test, or refuses to take the test, they will be charged with DWI. The consequences of a Louisiana DWI conviction are too serious to ignore. A skilled attorney can mean the difference between a conviction and a dismissed charge. John J Pace helps clients fight toward favorable results like dismissed charges, restored driving privileges, and reduced fines.

If you’re pulled over for drunk driving it’s important to know that you have several rights:

  • Once stopped by the police , you are not free to walk or drive away, you have the right to an attorney. You should request to speak to one as soon as possible.
  • Never admit to having consumed alcohol or drugs.
  • Do not answer any questions or make any statements without a DWI lawyer being present.
  • Politely refuse any field sobriety tests such as an HGN or pen test, reciting your ABCs, or any balance tests.
  • You can choose to refuse or submit to a breath test. If you submit to the breath test because you think you can pass it, but fail, demand an independent blood test as soon as possible.


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