BP Settlement Approved

Has your business been affected? Are you owed money? Let us help you evaluate your claim and maximize your recovery. BP has agreed to pay every business which has a legitimate business loss under the terms of a settlement agreement. The settlement is uncapped and unlimited. Simply put, however much money is owed, BP will pay. Our firm has a group of expert consultants, and over 500 accountants with a national firm who can assist in your claims preparation.

Having been involved in this litigation process from the beginning, we have the knowledge, experience, and technology to streamline the preparation and filing of your claim. Contact us today. It cost you nothing. If you don’t recover, you owe nothing.

Are you entitled to compensation?

BP Settlement Information

The settlement is uncapped and unlimited. For a copy of the settlement in its entirety, visit www.bpmdl2179.com

The settlement is a complex combination of geographic region(s) combined with an economic calculation based upon what industry the claimant is in. It is favorable to businesses within the Gulf Region. Once a loss is calculated, a multiplier is then added. We have compiled a team of attorneys, consultants, and over 500 accountants to assist in claims calculation, preparation, and filing.

Who is included?

If you own a business located within Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, or the Western Coast or Panhandle of Florida, you are included in the settlement.

If you are entitled to recover is determined by your 2010 revenue figures compared to either 2009 or 2009 & 2008 (average) or 2009, 2008, 2007 (average). This calculation will be performed by a team of seasoned accountants who have been hired to maximize your recovery.

If you are located in zone “A” or “B”, in certain industries, causation will be presumed.

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